Auto Insurance Agencies:

Reach Streaming and TV Audiences on 50+ TV Platforms At Below Market Pricing

Auto Insurance Agency Solutions

Combine OTT with Traditional Broadcast and Cable Buys Through an All-In-One Agency Approach

Historically, insurance agencies in the need for inbound sales calls would use one agency for OTT media buys, one agency for cable and broadcast buys, and even another agency for digital buys such as Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

SE Digital Ads is your one stop shop for all media, with consolidated billing and reporting as the cherry on top!

From scriptwriting to production to media placements, distribution and reporting, we are able to handle all facets of your digital insurance campaign!

Our Approach

We Accomplish Your Sales Goals By Becoming a Partner in Your Ad Campaigns

SE Digital isn’t just another ad agency looking to make a quick buck while churning through agency advertising partners. Instead, we take a get-to-know-you approach, intimately learning the inner workings of your agency, KPI’s that are truly important to you, and then applying that knowledge to our toolbox of digital and cable buying skills and abilities.

SE Digital Ads
Our Brand Or Yours

Drive Sales Calls Using Our Brand Or Your Brand

For small or newer agencies who do not have an established brand, you can jump right in and begin receiving insurance sales calls within days, not months, by using our brand. Just give us your DMA and hours of operation and we can start sending sales calls your way in less than a week’s time!

Alternatively, if you run a medium-sized agency or have an established brand, let us go to work on scriptwriting for a new TV spot, placing media buys across all types of media, and everything in between.

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